Seco, one of the leading global providers of metal-cutting solutions, yesterday launched a drastically updated visual identity as well as a long-term brand strategy.

The company is describing this as the first in a sequence of major steps, as the business positions itself as a leading global name for industry innovation, efficiency, and sustainability.

The new brand went live yesterday, to be followed by a series of launch activities such as events, campaigns, product launches, and announcements about new services.

There was a lot of heritage in the old logo, and this being updated might be what people notice first with the new branding. The new logo is an evolution of the old one, built on the iconic colors as being bright and positive is a huge part of Seco.

“With so much of our work happening at the cutting-edge of innovation, we wanted our new brand to look cutting-edge as well; being clean, contemporary, and ready for the future. We’re all very excited to share this with the world, and we can’t wait to hear what people think. There is lots more to come,” said Bettina Palmen, brand Manager at Seco.

“The new visual design is just the beginning of our exciting journey. In parallel, our product offering is growing with new services and digital solutions, which meet new challenging customer needs.

“I’m very excited to see this part of our business grow as it perfectly demonstrates our commitment to the future. We’re taking huge steps as a business, and today we’re excited to share one of them – our new branding,” added Stefan Steenstrup, president at Seco.