Altus Group, a leading distributor of electronics assembly equipment in the UK and Ireland,

has announced a significant enhancement to its product offerings with the introduction of Solderstar’s cutting-edge technology, the Reflow Shuttle O2 measurement module.

This innovative module represents the first repeatable verification tool that combines O2 ppm, vibration levels in 3 axes, vacuum, temperature profiles, and conveyor speed on a single robust platform. This gives manufacturers real-time insight into their reflow soldering processes, marking a significant advancement in the industry.

The Reflow Shuttle O2 measurement module, to be unveiled by Solderstar at Productronica 2023 in Munich, enables the detection of nitrogen leaks and precise pinpointing of oxygen fluctuations throughout oven zones. Manufacturers can leverage the module’s real-time oxygen level data to optimise nitrogen usage, prevent flux build-up, and make informed decisions to enhance operations. Importantly, by precisely monitoring and controlling O2 levels, the module allows manufacturers to ensure consistent product quality with strong, reliable solder joints free of defects and weaknesses caused by oxidation.

Joe Booth, CEO of Altus Group, said: “We are pleased to introduce Solderstar’s Reflow Shuttle O2measurement module to our product portfolio. This innovative technology aligns perfectly with our mission to provide cutting-edge solutions to our customers. It offers a real-time window into reflow soldering processes, facilitating informed decision-making and operational optimisation, ultimately ensuring superior product quality.

“We look forward to introducing our customers to this innovative product at the Solderstar stand during Productronica, allowing them to get a close look at the module’s capabilities for optimising reflow soldering processes.”

The Reflow Shuttle’s versatile design allows seamless integration into fully operational reflow ovens, eliminating the need for downtime during verification. Manufacturers can initiate data collection with a simple button press, obtaining a comprehensive pass-through graph of the entire oven. This overview enables early detection of any anomalies, allowing manufacturers to promptly make adjustments when needed.

Altus invites its customers to explore the Reflow Shuttle O2 measurement module and its benefits at Productronica 2023, from November 14th to 17th in Munich, Germany. To arrange an appointment for in-depth insights, live demonstrations, and answers to technical inquiries, please contact Altus.